Plan Managers is a nationally registered NDIS plan management provider, registration number 4050009454.

At Plan Managers we ‘help-people-flourish’ by being a trusted NDIS financial intermediary partner. That means we can help you by responsibly managing your NDIS participant funds on your behalf. All at no cost to you!

You make all the decisions about what support providers you need, and leave all the financial management stuff to us. We are like you own personal accountant managing your NDIS Funding.

Plan Managers act as your financial intermediary by :-

  • Processing invoices from your service providers
  • Claiming the expense through the NDIS Portal
  • Paying the service provider
  • Maintaining records for external audit
  • Providing a regular statement of spending to you, the participant, tracking your funding movements
  • We provide participants/nominees the option to access our mobile phone app to monitor the NDIS plan
  • Support Co-Ordinators can access our Support Co-Ordinator Portal on consent from the participant/nominee to further support participants monitor their plans

It is best to have selected your plan management option before your NDIS plan meeting so you can advise the NDIS planner of your requested plan management option. You can however switch to, or from, Plan Managers at any time, not just at planning or review time. Just contact the NDIS.  You are in control!

Sometimes participants have a strong preference for a particular support provider. Using Plan Managers as your financial intermediary allows you to select providers who may not be registered with the NDIS, thus providing greater choice and flexibility to you, the participant. You get the advantages of self managing your funding without the burden and hassle of the financial management and administration, we look after that for you. For your reference, if your funding package is NDIS Agency managed, you can only use registered providers to supply supports, thereby restricting your choice of provider.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation chat!

Call on 1300-PLNMGR/1300-756647.

For more information about the NDIS, please go to https://ndis.gov.au/