Funds Management – how it works?

How do you, the NDIS participant/nominee, manage the money from your NDIS plan?

At your planning meeting with the NDIS, or Local Area Co-Ordinator (LAC), the planner will ask you how you want to look after your funding package. It is you, the NDIS participant/nominee’s choice as to how and whom manages your funding budget. There are four options available. Below is a table of the three specific options, the fourth option is a combination of these three.

NDIA Managed Self-Managed

Plan Managed  this is what Plan Managers can do for you

  • NDIA pay support providers directly
  • You can only use NDIS registered providers
  • You pay provider bills and organise reimbursements
  • Keep records
  • You can use any provider including those not NDIS registered
  • You can employ support staff directly
  • We manage your funding by paying providers and getting reimbursed from the NDIS portal
  • We provide you with monthly financial activity statements
  • You can use any provider including those not NDIS registered
  • No cost to you, the participant!

If you want to nominate a plan manager, such as Plan Managers, to manage your NDIS package, all you have to do is ensure that your planner includes a provision for plan management services in your NDIS funding package. Plan Management is an additional funding allocation to your plan and remains separate from your support funding. There is no impact on the funding allocation for your supports. The NDIS then pay the plan manager for the financial intermediary service provided to you, so there is no cost to you and there is no impact on the funding for your other support services!